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Privacy for everyone — not just the privileged fewYour privacy matters to us, no matter who you are. In a world where everyone is trying to spy on you, Notesnook encrypts all your data before it leaves your device. Join Notesnook so that no one willcan ever sell your data again.Join our mission
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Journal & ThoughtsTrying to find meaning through journaling everyday.
7d ago
End-to-end encrypted note syncingWhether it's your mobile, desktop, or browser, you can access your notes from anywhere, anytime.
The Meaning of Life
1 wordsFri, Aug 11, 2023, 6:53 AMSaved
The Meaning Of LifeAdd a tag...
The Meaning of Life
1 wordsFri, Aug 11, 2023, 6:53 AMSaved

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Share fearlessly, destruct anytimeWith encrypted Monographs, the information you share stays between you and the recipient.
Hey, have you prepared the documents I asked you for?
Yes, here's the link:
Awesome thanks! What's the password?
The password is open-source
Clip the web with confidenceNotesnook comes with a free and open source Web Clipper. Save webpages & articles without compromising your privacy.
Desktop, web and mobile clientsSync serverWeb clipperImporter
Open source and transparent On 9th of August, 2022, we open sourced all Notesnook client apps on Github. Today our importer, web clipper & sync server are all open source under GPLv3. We want Notesnook to be a piece of software that'll live on even if we decide to shut it down. Independent from decisions of a single party.Read the blog
Edit your notes the way you wantDo everything in one place, from tables, tasks, embeds to every little detail in our rich text editor.
Basic formatting
Task lists
Maths & formulas
Images & files
Markdown support
Basic formattingBasic formattingTask listsTask listsTablesTablesOutlinesOutlinesMaths & formulasMaths & formulasCodeblocksCodeblocksImages & filesImages & filesMarkdown supportMarkdown support
Extra privacy with notes vaultPassword protect your most important notes and store them encrypted even on your device.
It's easy to forget things, be remindedNo one should know what you are up to today, tomorrow or a week later. It's easy to forget things though. Keep track of your tasks & reminders in Notesnook.
Train at the gymMake sure to go left and right
Pay billsElectricity, gas, water and other bills
Book reservation at resturauntCall to make a reservation for dinner
Learn how your notes are encryptedTo verify that your notes are actually encrypted, you can use our open source tool, Vericrypt. Vericrypt uses real data from your account & works 100% offline.Try Vericrypt
Ciphertext: FxUxP-YaWBXnXPJS0EFJaY8
Salt: Zsaa5jNYhaXdjywLjkA2Sg
Password: my-password
Encrypted with XChaCha20 & Aragon2
See what people are sayingWe aren't just making this up. Over 60,000 people use Notesnook every day.
I work in content writing and communications. My day starts and ends in Notesnook. My Chrome app is always open; it's where I take all my notes. The clean design, Focus mode, the tagging and color coding are all features that help keep my work organised every day.
This app is really great so far! (using the android version currently) looking forward to maximizing the **** out of this. Also i think you should mention off the bat that unlimited storage in the pro version means file upload (pics, etc).
Have been using @notesnook for some days now and loving it. Notesnook says they can't read my notes and that was enough to convince me to use it. Will mostly buy a subscription after my free trial ends. Do check it out!
You simply cannot get any better of a note taking app than @notesnook. The UI is clean and slick, it is feature rich, encrypted, reasonably priced (esp. for students & educators) & open source.
Notesnook app is what Evernote should have become long ago. And they're still improving.
Recommended by - if I'm going to change apps in 2022, I'm going TOWARDS privacy respecting apps and AWAY FROM AdTech. These guys get it, and are working hard to develop this app, very responsive. It's already replaced Google Keep for me. Look forward to the continuous improvement.
Notesnook is the best notes app I have ever used. I have watched the development closely for about a year now. It started out pretty rough, but now I can confidently recommend this to other users. The UI is great, syncing works perfectly, and the devs are doing a fantastic job listening to the community and adding amazing features.
Today, I migrated from StandardNotes to @notesnook, for mainly better privacy and their interface that looks like evernote #MigrateToNotesnook

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