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Encrypted Microsoft OneNote Alternative

Using OneNote? Try Notesnook and go 100% private

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End to end encryption

Notesnook is by default private. Enjoy rich and powerful note taking while keeping your notes 100% end-to-end encrypted. If you use OneNote online, you have to trust Microsoft that they won't misuse your data. With Notesnook it's impossible for us or any third party to read your notes.

Never risk your privacy again

No matter how many times Microsoft tells you that they respect your privacy and won't read or access your notes. As long as your notes are not encryped, they are always at risk. So any employee at Microsoft OneNote or the government can get access to them anytime they want. Because they can.

A key to a door that can be broken

Imagine a Microsoft server get's hacked. All your notes & data can be easily accessed and used for what not. Even with the best security, there's still a possibilty of a data breach. Therefore Notesnook encrypts your data. No one except you can read your notes. It's just impossible.

End to end encryption

Zero knowledge notes storage

Apps on all platforms

Encrypted attachments

Built-in app lock

Password protected note sharing

Password protected notes

Price per month


Password protected note sharing

When publically sharing your notes and documents with OneNote web, anyone with the link can read the contents. Notesnook let’s you password protect your notes so only you and the person you share the link with can read the contents. Learn more about Monographs.

Unlike OneNote web, you can encrypt notes before sharing.

Built-in privacy lock

Unlike OneNote with Notesnook, you get a dedicated privacy lock that let's you stop intruders from getting into your notes even when your phone is not locked.

App lock

Great note editing

We believe that everyone uses a notes app differently. Some people need some features and other's don't. Notesnook simplifies everything in the editor for you so you can write notes without wasting time.

A note editor that conforms to your needs

Only OneNote web for Linux users

There's no OneNote desktop client on Linux. So to have a better note taking experience you have to install Windows or Mac? Notesnook is a OneNote linux alternative with clients for desktop & web.

OneNote Notebooks

Like OneNote, Notesnook has Notebooks & topics which you can quickly get used to. But that's not it. Notesnook allows colors, favorites, pins and tags so you have more options to organize your notes.

What's an online notepad without syncing?

Not an online notepad, duh! Notesnook syncs to all your devices and it doesn't compromise your privacy on the way.

Ready to upgrade?

Encrypted image and file attachments

Upload unlimited files with upto 500MB file size limit. All your files are encrypted.

Offline notepad

You can use OneNote online but offline support is limited to the OneNote bundled with Microsoft Office. While Notesnook is an offline first notes app that works for everyone, anywhere, anytime. Your notes get synced as soon as you go online.

Notesnook is going open source

Notesnook is going to be fully open source soon unlike OneNote. We don’t want you to just trust us or our privacy policy. You can see everything for yourself and report suggestions, improvements and even contribute. Visit our Github.

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We believe in community and the voice of our users

Notesnook app is what Evernote should have become long ago. And they're still improving.
I work in content writing and communications. My day starts and ends in Notesnook. My Chrome app is always open; it's where I take all my notes. The clean design, Focus mode, the tagging and color coding are all features that help keep my work organised every day.
This app is really great so far! (using the android version currently) looking forward to maximizing the **** out of this. Also i think you should mention off the bat that unlimited storage in the pro version means file upload (pics, etc).

Community driven open development

We value your feedback so join us and share your experiences and ideas. Let's build the best note taking app together.

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March 100% completed
Two-factor authentication, a new website and blog, sync over websockets
Two-factor authentication
Sync over websockets
Sync control — turn syncing on/off for specific notes
Duplicate note
OneNote Importer
Zoho Notebook Importer
Regional pricing
New website & blog
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It's time to ditch OneNote and start using Notesnook. Say yes to privacy.

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Secure your notes. Get Notesnook on all your devices.Secure your notes. Get Notesnook on all your devices.

Move all your notes & files from OneNote online

Don't worry about losing your notes in OneNote. You can migrate all your notes along with attachments & images from Microsoft OneNote in a few simple steps.Start importing notes from OneNote