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Download Notesnook on all your devices.

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Secure your notes. Get Notesnook on all your devices.Secure your notes. Get Notesnook on all your devices.

Notesnook is available on all platforms

Download and install Notesnook on all your devices.

Install with an .exe file

Download the latest .exe file from the links below:

  • Notesnook x64 (Setup)
  • Notesnook x64 (Portable)

Once you have the .exe downloaded:

  1. Double click to open the .exe file
  2. Follow the installation instructions to install the app.

Installing via PowerShell

To install Notesnook, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


choco install notesnook


winget install -e --id Streetwriters.Notesnook


scoop bucket add extras && scoop install notesnook

Start Notesnook from Windows Start Menu.


Most common questions asked to us.
Yes. you can download Notesnook for free on all platforms.
You can download and install apk on android directly from our website if you do not use Google services on your phone.
You can reach out to us via email, Discord, Twitter, or Reddit.